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A strong voice for a growing city


Overlooking a lake, surrounded by mountainside pine forests, orchards and vineyards, the City of West Kelowna has a quality of life that could be the envy of the world. There is a very real danger, though, that our quality of life might be seriously eroded by the very pressures that brought about creation of this new city.

Growth for growth's sake is not acceptable. Your City Council must continue striving to ensure that quality of life is paramount as we continue to make the transition from a rural to an urban form of government.

It is the job of your Councillors to work from the same page, for it is they, not the Mayor alone, who will set the policies and determine the spending priorities of the new municipality.

So what, specifically, do I see as some of our priorities?

Fiscal Responsibility
Smart Growth
Safe, Efficient Transportation
A Caring Community


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